Molly & Jack Win 2nd Place on Prairie Home!

 Thank you to everyone for your encouragement and for listening to Molly & Jack on Prairie Home Companion October 20th!  Molly and Jack had a terrific time meeting Garrison Keillor and his talented staff, hearing the other duet singers -- who were brilliant, and they were thrilled to win second place in the duet contest!  Garrison also let all of the singers be part of his skit.  He and his staff were extremely generous in making all of the duet singers feel special and Garrison had them all to his home for a great celebration and night of singing together after the show.    Here is a link to Prairie Home's recording of Jack and Molly's winning song, Kentucky Waltz.  Here is a link to a short video from the show: Prairie Home Duet Contest Video.  Here is a link to the recording of the show -- you can hear all of the skits and the other five talented duet singers, plus the show's great Guy's All-Star Shoe Band: Prairie Home Companion October 20 Show.